Aktuell 2016

Foto-Ernst: Parallel-Event der manifesta 11, Zürich

Analog-Fotografie in der Reihe der Heldinnen:

Zenza Bronica ETRSi

Konica S II

Johanna Wieck at BebiArt Center, Kulenvakuf

Magic Walk


Last year:

First Photography Workshop in Kulen-Vakuf, Bosnia and Herzogowina

Following an invitation of BEBIArt & Community Center I gave a talk on „A Personal View“ in photography. Three interested young people (Wanja, Nihad and Majda) joined in for the First Photography Workshop in Kulen-Vakuf. 

You’ll find a book of the workshop results here.

BEBIArt & Community Center is an interesting initiative, which I enjoyed to work for.

dw, 26.10.2015

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